About us

Tangazabongo.com is an online marketplace where individuals, business and entrepreneurs publish their products and services for sell and buy to wider online users. An easy to use solution with quality features to sell your business to any prospective customers across the globe. It presents various features modeled to fit any type of business, easy-to-use and gives sellers and buyers opportunity to sell and buy a bulk of different products and services making it easier for your target customers to reach you on the fly.

Tangazabongo.com was launched in July 2014 and our mission is to become the engine of ecommerce in east Africa and solve problem of market for African products and services.

Tangazabongo.com is also focused on creating an online marketplace where third party buyers and sellers can trade in the products and services both used and new freely and conveniently. Tangazabongo.com has easy to use interface, which provides simple and convenient way with which both parties can freely publish their products and services ads they want to sell or buy.

Tangazabongo.com is also a source of information, a platform for getting across one’s marketing strategies and policies, and a must for launching or reenergizing brand awareness. Regardless of what area you're searching for, it is important to ensure you have the tools you need to make an informed decision. We're pleased to announce that you will be able to search, find and provide all of the information you need in a single destination.

Tangazabongo.com can be assessed fulltime worldwide at any time, day or night. It’s quick and easy way to find it, you can buy from it, sell from it or rent from it. Probably already know which areas you want to live in, what kind of car you want, when you want to work or establish your business. As you search through our database, finding the right property, Electronics, Fashion & Accessories, Motor Vehicles or business area is just one part of Tangazabongo.com search. Ensuring you know as much as possible about where you're planning to move can help you make smarter decisions about the neighborhood you choose.

Vision: To be online marketplace in East Africa by providing opportunities for individuals, business and entrepreneurs to trade in simply and convenient way.

Mission: To become the engine of ecommerce in east Africa and solve Africa market problems for its products and services.